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Sylvan is the global leader in red yeast rice supplements for over twenty years.
Our products are made exclusively in the USA from all-natural ingredients.
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  • Do your patients need help maintaining healthy LDL cholesterol levels?
  • Are your patients concerned about the side effects of prescription medications?
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  • Made by fermenting natural yeast, Monascus purpureus, on rice.
  • Used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • A natural food dye and flavoring.
  • Identified as containing substances beneficial to maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.*

Finally, a red yeast rice you can trust!

USDA Certified Organic
Laboratory Tested
Lab Tested
Made in the USA
Standardized Quality

The natural way to support healthy cholesterol levels.*

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You can feel confident offering Synastat Red Yeast Rice to your patients as an effective, natural solution for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.*

Synastat® Red Yeast Rice by Sylvan Wellness
is the all-natural alternative for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.*

Part of the complete line of quality Red Yeast Rice products made by Sylvan Wellness!

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